Static Dining In


My name is Marian McDonald and it is my pleasure to champion “Dining In” groups for the PROBUS Club of Pelham.

What is Involved:

You do not have to be a gourmet cook.  All you need is enthusiasm and energy to prepare a portion of the meal that will be enjoyed at the home of one of the participants in the group.  For example, if you were coming to my home, I would provide the main course and would ask each of my guests to prepare either appetizers, a starter course (soup or salad) or dessert.  Sometimes I might give individual recipes to each  member and at other times the members (not hosting) can choose themselves.  Generally each participant brings wine to share at the table — yes, we love wine too.

Each group can meet as frequently as members decide to gather.  Each group can decide the time of day to have a meal be it brunch, lunch or dinner.

If a member has a food allergy or other dietary needs. everyone will be informed so that the needs of all are met.

As you can see, a Dining In group can be as flexible as its members want it to be.  Wearing a smile and having fun together are the only requirements.

Speak to me.  Contact me!  I look forward to helping you and new friends come together.