Special Events

What we do:

Events and tours are arranged for events or site visits that are of interest to members. The Group is open to suggestions of events or places to visit – talk to the Group leader or use the Contact box below.

Where we meet:

Usually transportation is arranged among the participants.

When we meet:

No regular schedule. Events and tours are scheduled when an event is defined or a site is available and/or convenient for the participants.

Additional info and guidelines.

Upcoming Events and Tours:

the trip to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on May 11th

   Note:  This trip has been postponed

Niagara recycling plant tour

Note:  This tour will be postponed until the fall, due to the Covid-19 virus.


Past Events and Tours:

Orchid Tour                                                     Mar. 13, 2020

Butterfly Conservatory                              Feb. 19, 2020

Bowling in Welland                                      Jan. 29, 2020

Fort George Ghost Tour                             Oct. 27, 2019

Grimsby-Hamilton Tour                          Sept. 13, 2019

Summer BBQ                                                 August 21, 2019

Foster Festival                                               August 7, 2019

Afternoon Tea                                                May 10, 2019

Dairy Farm Tour                                            April 27, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day Lunch                              March 17, 2019

Hockey Night in Niagara!                         January 17, 2019

Lunch-Georges Greek Village               November 2018

Theatre-“The Ladies Foursome”         November 2018

Jersey Nights                                                   October 2018

Welland Canal Tour                                      September 2018

Summer BBQ                                                   August 2018

White Water Walk                                         June 2018

Royal Wedding of the Year                       May 2018

Oh Canada Eh! Theatre                              March 2018

Bird Kingdom                                                February 2018

Liver and Onions                                          November 2017

Ghost Walks                                                    October 2017

Vineland Research Center                         July 2016

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum          September 2015

Shaw Festival – Backstage Tour and Play    October 2015

Niagara Recycling Center                                November 2014


icedogs hockey event

Feature Matinee:
   The Show Must Go On
   Music of the 60’s & 70’s

On Wednesday, March 21st, we had great fun at this high-octane production! The music of the 60’s and 70’s kept us clapping. The performers were excellent and they kept us going, running into the crowded theatre, and getting people up to dance around the room.

Bird Kingdom

5651 River Road, Niagara Falls
Thursday, February 1, 2018  @1:30 pm

Get out of the cold, get into your summer clothes, and come in to the tropical warmth of this world-class attraction.

Bird Kingdom is the world’s largest free-flying indoor Aviary.
Discover hundreds of exotic birds, animals, and reptiles as you explore the pathways throughout the multi-level rainforest.
Enjoy the rainforest atmosphere, the many gardens and plants, and the Javanese house in the jungle – an architectural masterpiece.




Liver and Onions !!                  

Have you ever asked yourself, who makes the best
Liver and Onions in Niagara?

 Betty’s Restaurant
8921 Sodom Road, Niagara Falls



The company was great and the food was exactly as advertised – delicious, especially the liver and onions !!

The Ghost Walk

On Wednesday, October 18, twenty-nine courageous members of the PROBUS Club of Pelham followed a cloaked, top hatted, lantern-carrying tour guide named Sir Richard on a 90 minute storytelling adventure throughout the town of Niagara-on-the Lake.  

On a pitch dark night we negotiated sombre streets and foreboding lane ways.   Surprises met us as did amazement and delight from even the most skeptical in the group.  One of our members assured us that he saw the face of a woman in an upper window of the empty, haunted Tricia Romance mansion.  By the way, that home is for lease!  A lonely white cat accompanied us on our walk throughout the town as we spotted skunks nearby.  Mild weather and distant stars accentuated the evening as Sir Richard enchanted us with stories from a long time ago and bridged the gaps between past and present that allowed us to see the town in a new light.

A new Dining In Group

Exciting News!  

Our newest Dining In group, the Rednecks!, met on June 23, 2017, at the home of Brian and Marian McDonald.  Members had great fun getting to know each other and chose a very casual format for future gatherings.

At their next get-together–August 17 at the home of Pat and Ross Tennant–they shared a summer barbecue presented by Chef Ross that highlighted his “smoked burgers” with all the fixings.

Rednecks? you ask.  The idea began with the realization that a member of each couple drives a red vehicle!



Dining In Activity

The Dining In Group is Expanding — and Active !

How lucky are we to have two dynamic Dining In Groups in our Pelham PROBUS Club!  The first group, “Out of the Rain,” met first outside on an evening when a cloudburst sent members scurrying inside.  The second group “RedNecks,” have members who drive RED cars!

fall 2019 dining in


may 2018 dining in event

Our Dining In Group got together on Thursday, May 31st at the home of Fay and Ed Landry. We celebrated the Landry’s tour of Ireland with “good old fashioned Irish stew” and all the trimmings. A fair bit of “blarney” was cast about!


And yet more activity – a celebration of Winter Solstice !

On Thursday, December 21, 2017, the Dining-In groups of the Probus Club of Pelham celebrated Winter Solstice, at the home of Marian and Brian McDonald.

There members participated in the “Winter Solstice Spell.”  What’s that you might ask?    Members were encouraged to reflect on a positive personal attribute they see in themselves that they would like to build on in the New Year.

Members took time to do just that, and wrote that special quality on a small piece of paper, and placed the paper in a small fire pit outside as they envisioned their wish fulfilled.

A light snow began to fall almost immediately.

Another Get Together – Another Celebration ! 

The Red Necks gathered on April 11th to celebrate the new home of Pat and Ross Tennent.  We wish Pat and Ross many happy years in their new “digs”.


Contact the Group.

Please complete the message form below and we will reply soon.

Static Dining In


My name is Marian McDonald and it is my pleasure to champion “Dining In” groups for the PROBUS Club of Pelham.

What is Involved:

You do not have to be a gourmet cook.  All you need is enthusiasm and energy to prepare a portion of the meal that will be enjoyed at the home of one of the participants in the group.  For example, if you were coming to my home, I would provide the main course and would ask each of my guests to prepare either appetizers, a starter course (soup or salad) or dessert.  Sometimes I might give individual recipes to each  member and at other times the members (not hosting) can choose themselves.  Generally each participant brings wine to share at the table — yes, we love wine too.

Each group can meet as frequently as members decide to gather.  Each group can decide the time of day to have a meal be it brunch, lunch or dinner.

If a member has a food allergy or other dietary needs. everyone will be informed so that the needs of all are met.

As you can see, a Dining In group can be as flexible as its members want it to be.  Wearing a smile and having fun together are the only requirements.

Speak to me.  Contact me!  I look forward to helping you and new friends come together.


News and Notices Static

Do You Like to Have Fun?

Join us as our Guest at our next PROBUS Club of Pelham meeting every 4th Thursday!

Lots of friendly people with many diverse interests.

Listen to our monthly speakers from all walks of life and join one of our many interest groups when you become a member.  Doors open at 9:30 a.m. at the Fonthill Legion, Hwy 20 for coffee, snacks and conversation.  The meeting starts at 10:00 am; adjournment is usually around 11:30.

Hope to see you there !

Welcome to Our Newest Members !! 

A very warm welcome to the newest member of the Club:

Norma Crowder
Lloyd Crowder
David Crump
Muriel Roden
Ivan Roden
Paul Koczula
Gere Marr


Lunch After the Meeting on Mar 26th

Lunch after the monthly meeting is a fun social affair which has become a much enjoyed event after the Club’s monthly meetings.

Hope you can join us for a casual and friendly get together with fellow members!  Details TBD.

The Program Committee

Your Program Committee continues to develop a most interesting and exciting program.

The topic for our meeting on Mar 26th is “Change the Perspective” – a group of individuals with mental illness who are passionate advocates about educating the community and breaking the stigma of mental illness.

Future speakers are continually under development !  Keep tuned, you won’t be disappointed.  For more about our speakers and the focus of their presentations click on Meetings.  

Another Dining Out Extravaganza !

Our next Dining Out event is being planned. Visit the Dining Out page for more info.

Special Events Coming Up

Niagara recycling plant tour

Note:  This tour will be postponed until the fall, due to the Covid-19 virus.


PROBUS Cycling Group – A Dynamic Growing Group !

Although missing our ride coordinator Dave Hunt, after a two week delay due to weather,  12 cyclists enjoyed cloudless skies and blossoming trees on a spectacular spring day along the Welland Canal Trail.  Lunch was enjoyed at a perennial favourite, the Flying Squirrel in Pt. Colborne. It was great to re-connect on the bikes after a long winter.  Shout out to Lorna Whitfield for her cheerful leadership and advance preparation.





If you are interested in joining our group, check out details about the rides under Interest Groups/Cycling, then view updated information on our list of 19 rides in the Cycling Schedule.  Then please fill out the contact prompt to get on our e-mail list and join in the fun.


Watch a brief cycling promotion video from the Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre to help you get enthused about cycling in Niagara!


Port Robinson Ferry East Side

The Cycling Photo Gallery tells the story for the last couple of years – the Cycling Group is growing rapidly  !      



Special Events and Tours – Suggestions Welcome !

Marian McDonald is coordinating the Special Events Group which includes Judy Westell, Linda Graham, June Berndt and Wendy Hammond.   There are many events in the planning stages. If you have a great idea for an event or a tour which would be of broad interest to the membership then please contact Marian or fill out the Contact Box.


The Club’s Membership Application Form Is Now Online !

For prospective members who enquire of you, we now have the Club’s Application Form online.  It can be found by going to Club Information on the Home page, and scrolling down to Club Application Form.  It can be printed directly from the website.

PROBUS Canada Newsletter

PROBUS Canada publishes a Newsletter that covers the activities of PROBUS Canada itself as well as activities of some of the PROBUS clubs in various parts of the country.  You can review the latest newsletter by clicking here.

“Travel + More” Insurance for PROBUS Members

Probus Club Members across Canada are now eligible for a number of coverage options available through the new Probus “Travel + More” voluntary benefits program.   Just click on the following link to learn more: PROBUS Health/Travel Insurance Benefit.

Library Exchange 

Books are available at the back of the Legion Hall on General Meeting days. Leave one and take one – whatever appeals.