Dining In Activity

The Dining In Group is Expanding — and Active !

How lucky are we to have two dynamic Dining In Groups in our Pelham PROBUS Club!  The first group, “Out of the Rain,” met first outside on an evening when a cloudburst sent members scurrying inside.  The second group “RedNecks,” have members who drive RED cars!

fall 2019 dining in


may 2018 dining in event

Our Dining In Group got together on Thursday, May 31st at the home of Fay and Ed Landry. We celebrated the Landry’s tour of Ireland with “good old fashioned Irish stew” and all the trimmings. A fair bit of “blarney” was cast about!


And yet more activity – a celebration of Winter Solstice !

On Thursday, December 21, 2017, the Dining-In groups of the Probus Club of Pelham celebrated Winter Solstice, at the home of Marian and Brian McDonald.

There members participated in the “Winter Solstice Spell.”  What’s that you might ask?    Members were encouraged to reflect on a positive personal attribute they see in themselves that they would like to build on in the New Year.

Members took time to do just that, and wrote that special quality on a small piece of paper, and placed the paper in a small fire pit outside as they envisioned their wish fulfilled.

A light snow began to fall almost immediately.

Another Get Together – Another Celebration ! 

The Red Necks gathered on April 11th to celebrate the new home of Pat and Ross Tennent.  We wish Pat and Ross many happy years in their new “digs”.


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