General Meeting – April 26, 2018

April 26, 2018

Beekeeping – Paul Lewis

  Paul Lewis, of Fairfax Farm, Fort Erie will present an illustrated talk. What is a honeybee? Hear about the honeybee’s important purpose and unique role in our world and about how Fairfax Farm manages their bees.

Paul has been beekeeping for eight years, keeping his beehives on his 15 acre property in Sherkston near Crystal Beach. He is a retired police sergeant from the Niagara Regional Police Service, and is now able to spend his time beekeeping in addition to his many other hobbies. His beekeeping doctrine is to maintain “treatment free” bees, a term used to indicate that chemicals and miticides are not used to sustain otherwise weak colonies, instead of trying to use natural methods to allow the bees to remain healthy. Paul is also active in distributing “hive traps” around the region to capture feral swarms of honey bees to add to his numbers by drawing from surviving colonies in the wild.