General Ride Information and Cycle Rides

General Ride Information

New Members – If you are new to this group and want to join up or just go on a ride to try us out, please use the contact prompt. You will be placed on our group e-mail list.

Ride Notification – All those cycling group members who are on the e-mail list will receive a notice or reminder of the upcoming ride a few days in advance. A link to the Probus Website will be given and under Cycling Interest Group, Ride Schedule, route details will be given such as a route description, lunch/break site, where and when to meet. Just look for the word NEXT beside the ride number and name.  The website’s calendar section will also confirm the date and meeting time.

Cancellation and Weather: Weather Check. The weather should be checked before each ride.  Inclement weather such as rain, high winds or a heat alert may result in the cancellation of the ride.  When possible, notice will be given by e-mail and the ride will be deleted on the calendar of events, but also use individual judgement relative to your comfort and abilities.

Car Pool – Use the contact prompt or contact the group leader if you are on the e-mail list if you need to car pool. This service is limited but we will do the best we can.

Safety – Individuals are responsible for their own safety.  Be sure your bike is in good operating condition and wear an approved bicycle helmet.  Safety reminders and tips are given at the start of each ride along with any known route caution areas. Discretion and judgement is required as well as a knowledge of the rules of the road and trails. Please contact us for any questions or more information about cycling safety

Important: Probus Cycling Group operating Procedures as of July 1, 2021


 1 Cycle Ride – Port Robinson Ferry to Port Colborne 

Route – This ride is mostly on the Welland Canal Trail, and heads south from the Ferry’s west side to the ever popular Smokin Buddha in Port Colborne. There is parking at the Ferry location. The ride is flat with a total distance just over 30km – see cue sheet for more details. For those who would like a longer ride, meet at Glynn A. Green School at Pelham and Port Robinson Road in Fonthill half hour before the start time, and ride to the ride (and back).

Lunch/Break – Destination in Port Colborne at the Smokin Budda restaurant: Old Train Station, 265 King St., Port Colborne, ON L3K 4G8
905.834.6000.  Another popular lunch stop that has moved from Ridgeway is the Flying Squirrel Bistro, located just off the trail at Hwy 3.  Address – 27 Main St W, Port Colborne ON L3K 3T8, 289-836-8382

Start Location – Start point at the Port Robinson Ferry west side, located at the east end of Port Robinson Rd.

May 21st, 2019 Ride – First Ride of the Season 

A very pleasant ride on the Canal Trail. Twelve of us enjoyed the cycle and lunch at the Flying Squirrel Restaurant.  After two cancellation due to the weather, this was a very welcomed occasion.

Flying Squirrel Restaurant 2019






2 Cycle Ride – Chippawa South 

Route – This is a flat 28km ride that goes south along the scenic Niagara Recreation Trail, turns back at Black Creek and uses some low volume back roads on the return trip. Features include the historic battle of Chippawa site (during the War of 1812) and at our break/lunch point the beautiful Legends Golf Club. They usually open early at 7:30am and no reservations required.  Here is the cue sheet showing the route.

Lunch/Break – Here is the location Legends Clubhouse: 9561 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, (905) 295-224.  Break/lunch point at around 20km.

Start Location – Kings Bridge Park, Chippawa along the Niagara Parkway Trail. Here is the location of our start point at Kings Bridge Park in Chippawa. You can park right beside the trail. Parking free during midweek. 7870 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls, ON L0S 1J0.

Photos from Oct. 2, 2019 Ride – The humidity was back in this very summery day in October with temperatures getting near 30 degrees C.  How nice, with a new loop added at the turn around point at Black Creek.  Ten riders recharged at the Legends Clubhouse.

Legends lunch 2019
Legends 2019





 3 Cycle Ride – Ridgeway to Fort Erie  

Route – If you have some extra time, the Ridgeway starting point offers a great spot to do some extra shopping, widow browsing or energizing at their restaurants.  We use the Friendship rail trail which near Fort Erie goes by historic beech areas, and then into the Niagara Recreation Trail under the Peace Bridge by the mouth of the Niagara River.  It’s a flat ride with the total distance just over 30km, with the break in the middle.  The route’s cue sheet can be found here.

Lunch/Break – Here is one of our destination at the Old Bank Bistro, 41 Jarvis St, Fort Erie, ON L2A 2S4, CALL: 905-994-9222.  The cafeteria at Old Fort Erie is also an excellent stop for a break.  Other options include the coffee shop at Old Fort Erie and the Bridgeburg Family Restaurant at Jarvis St. and the Niagara Parkway

Start Location – Here is the location of our start point in Ridgeway at a parking lot off the Friendship Trail, beside the Trail Side Bar and Grill:

Website and address: Trail Side Bar and Grill, 282 Ridge Rd.N., Ridgeway, ON (289) 876-8000

August 6, 2019  Ride – We had 9 riders that enjoyed a break at the Bridgeburg Family Restaurant. Most of the day was sunny, with some headwinds on the return, but two participants got soaked as they had further to go to Port Colborne.

Bridgeburg Restaurant 2019
Bridgeburg Restaurant 2019

4 Cycle Ride – Comfort Maple Ride, Pelham 

Route –  This is an on-road ride from Harold Black Pk. in Fonthill to the Comfort Maple and back through Fenwick.  The ride is on back roads, mostly but not all flat with a total distance estimated at 25km.  The break can occur in Fenwick at the Broken Gavel Restaurant at about the 17km mark.  The attached cue sheet gives the road locations and turning points.

Lunch/Break – Here is the location of the break point in Fenwick at the Broken Gavel

Start Location – Here is the location of the start point at Harold Black Park in Fonthill.

Photos from the Aug. 13, 2019 Ride – The back roads of Pelham were a delight as was the food at the Broken Gavel in Fenwick.  The comfort maple sadly showed some damage from a recent lightening strike. 


Comfort Maple 2019
Comfort Maple Damage 2019



5 Cycle Ride – Port Colborne to Ridgeway   

Route – This ride will be to the ever popular Ridgeway where window shopping abounds along Ridge Rd. by the Friendship Trail.  We start in Port Colborne at the Smokin Budda parking lot and ride the Friendship trail eastward to Ridgeway.  Mostly off-road with a total distance return of about 30km.  Find the cue sheet here.

Lunch/Break – With our destination in Ridgeway there are many restaurants to choose from along Ridge Rd by the Trail.  Beside the trail there is the Trail Side Bar and Grill, Website and address: 282 Ridge Rd.N., Ridgeway, ON (289) 876-8000

Start Location – Start Location in Port Colborne near the Smokin Budda restaurant.  Parking is provided next to the canal.

Photo from the June 18, 2019 Ride

Friendship Trail 2019
Breakfast Beacon 2019



6 Cycling Ride – Caroline Cellars Winery , NOTL – 

Route – We ride through Queenston and pick up the Niagara Recreation Trail to the old town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, then come back and go to the winery which is located off Line 2 near Virgil, then back to the parking lot. The ride will be both off-road and on-road with a total estimated length of 32km. The distance to the lunch/break winery is about 22km. To maintain this distance we keep to the east of NOTL by turning left on John Street, go through the commons area, then back to the trail via Fort George.  The attached cue sheet gives the road locations and turning points.

Lunch/Break – Here is the location of the winery: Caroline Cellars, 1010 Line 2 Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario L0S 1T0 Winery Location

This is the Farmhouse Café at the Winery which opens at 11:30am, but the winery opens at 10:00am so if we get there early we can browse the goods.

Start Location – We start the ride at a parking lot on York Road, at the intersection of the Niagara Parkway, just below the Brock Monument at Queenston. The parking lot is located at the northwest corner of the intersection. Here is the location of the parking lot: Ride Start Location

Photos from the July 16, 2019 Ride – A very hot and humid day but 14 riders showed up for great ride.  We had rain after showers after lunch at the Caroline Winery.

Selfie on the Commons
Havy Hall 2019
Caroline Winery
Caroline Winery
Rain shelter




7 Cycle Ride – Fenwick and Back  

Route – This ride starts in Fonthill and goes out to Fenwick and back for about 25km. This will be an on-road ride and our break at about the 20km mark can be at Nature’s Café at the corner of Effingham and Canboro Rd in Ridgeville.  See route cue sheet here.

Lunch/Break – Here is our break stop at Nature’s Café in Ridgeville. Address: 302 Canboro Road Unit 1A, Ridgeville, Ontario L0S 1M0

Start Location – Here is the location of our start point at Harold Black Park in Fonthill, just off Haist St., south of Welland Rd.

8 Cycle Ride – Port Robinson Ferry to Thorold 

Route – Starting at the Port Robinson Ferry west side we go north along the Welland Canal Trail to Thorold and back for about 20km.  At Lock 7 in Thorold there is an information centre.  Jog left from the trail on Government Rd., then right on Chapel St. past the information centre to Clairmont St.  A left here will get you over to downtown Thorold where a right on Front street will bring you to the Front Café and Eatery just down a few buildings on your right.  To get to a larger restaurant continue north on Chapel St. and work your way to Townline Rd., by taking a left on St. David’s and a right at Carleton.  Route cue sheet here.

Lunch/Break – There are several places we can stop for a break in Thorold.  The location of the Early Bird is here if our group size is large.  Address and contact information as follows:  Address: 2 Merritt St, St Catharines ON L2T 1J3, Phone: 905-680-8464, Website:

Or, for a smaller group with a bit closer location there is the On the Front Café and Eatery. Address: 30 Front St S, Thorold ON L2V 1W9, Phone: 905-397-4734, Website:

Start Location – Port Robinson Ferry west side.  There is parking at this location.

Photos from the June 11, 2019 ride

Early Bird Restaurant 2019
Early Bird Restaurant 2019



9 Cycle Ride – Pelham Recreation Trail 

Route – Pelham has a great trail system that cuts across the town from the south-east near Webber and South Pelham towards Fenwick.  It is gravel, but mostly hard packed for much of the way.  We can try it out on our way from Harold Black Park to Fenwick for this ride.  Total distance is about 24km, with a Fenwick break at 15km, or going on to Ridgeville for the break at 20km. Here are the details and a cue sheet link.

Lunch/Break – The Broken Gavel in Fenwick.  They open at 11:30am for lunch so we may have to go around the block to avoid getting there too early.  Here is there address and contact details.  785 Canboro Rd, Fenwick, ON L0S 1C0, , (289) 897-9483.  Or, we go on to Ridgeville and stop at the Nature’s Corner Bakery and Café.  Address and website: 302 Canboro Rd, Ridgeville, ON L0S 1M0, , (905) 892-0059.

Start Location – Harold Black Park in Fonthill.  Meet in the parking lot off Haist Street

The July 23, 2019 Ride – We had a good ride, no flats or falls and a delicious breakfast at Canborough Grill.
Gary Berkhout Trail 2019
Canborough Grill 2019
Canborough Grill 2019





10 Cycle Ride – Welland Canal Both Sides 

Route – This ride offer the unique opportunity to cruise across the Welland Canal on the Port Robinson Ferry (called Bridge-it).  The restaurant on the east side of the Canal has changed names from Stevie Nic’s to Bridge 12 Bar and Eatery, but still has retained a bit of its former frontier atmosphere. The ride combines many riding landscapes; off-road on the Welland Canal, on-water using Bridge-it, on-road on the east side of the canal, across the short line rail tracks to Merritt Island and the Main Street Bridge in Welland, for a total of about 28 km. Find a cue sheet and map route here.

Lunch/Break – Bridge 12 Bar and Eatery in Port Robinson’s east side at the intersection of Bridge St. East and River St..  Address: 10 River Street, Thorold, Ontario L0S1N0, (905) 384-1967.  Alternate location is the Black Sheep Grill in Welland off Niagara Street, near the Welland Main Street Bridge.

Start Location – We start and end on the Welland Canal at the Welland Community Boathouse , 108 Thorold Road East, Welland.  At the east end of Thorold Ave. (on the west side of the canal) turn north on a gravel road to the Flatwater Centre.  Park at the far (north) end where we will start on the trail.

Photos July 9 2019 Ride – This popular ride again drew a large number of cyclists.  This time we extended the ride across rail tracks and onto Merritt Island.  We ended up at a new place, the Black Sheep Grill, a great coffee and food stop in Welland.

Waiting for the Ferry
Port Robinson Ferry
On the rails
On the rails
Merritt Island Trail
Merritt Island Trail


11 Cycle Ride – Fonthill Trails 

Route – This ride allows us to take a break/lunch stop at a Fonthill restaurant.  It is a mixture of riding off-road trails in Fonthill, plus some on-road sections.  The off-road trails in some cases are hard packed soil and wood chips but otherwise stone dust. The length is about 17km, and if we feel like doing more after the break, we can always bike a bit further. Here is the cue sheet for this ride.

Lunch/Break – My Place Restaurant in Fonthill  at 20 Regional Rd. 20, L0S 1E0. The restaurant opens at 11:00am and there is an outdoor patio at the back of the restaurant where we will be parking.

Start Location – We start at the parking lot next to the My Place restaurant patio (in Pelham Town Square across from the Fonthill Library) which will serve as our food break location.

Photo from Sept. 3, 2019 ride – The weather allowed a wonderful ride and meal on the outdoor patio of My Place Restaurant.

My Place Restaurant 2019





 12 Cycle Ride – Lake Ontario Perspective     

Route – This ride offers the best Key Lime Pie in Niagara which in the past was available at a small restaurant outlet at a private marina off the George Nicholson Trail.  We start at Lock Three Museum in St. Catharines and bike on the Welland canal Recreation Trail to Lakeshore Rd., then go a bit on-road to the George Nicholson Memorial Trail out into Lake Ontario.  View the entire route on this cue sheet.

Lunch Break – St. Catharines Marina, Port Weller, 200 Broadway, St. Catharines, ON L2M 7W8 , , (905) 646-3812.  If this spot is not open, then an alternative is M.J.’s Own Munchies, 406 Lakeshore Rd. E., St. Catharines, L2R 7K6, 905-646-0031

Start Location – Here is the location of our start point at the Lock 3 Museum in St. Catharines. 1932 Welland Canals Parkway, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7K6, , (905) 984-8880

Photos from July 2, 2019 Ride – Ten riders took advantage of the summer weather, and viewed tall ships in Lake Ontario, plus got held up by a freighter on Lakeshore Road. 

Lake Ont. Lighthouse 2019
Tall ship 2019
Lakeshore Lift Br. 2019



13 Cycle Ride – Wainfleet and Back 

Route – Start at Harold Black Park in Fonthill and cycle to the Two By Four Restaurant in Wainfleet, all on-road with a total return distance of about 25km.  Beautiful views of the Welland River and a historical plaque of the former old O’Reilly’s Bridge.  The route can be viewed on this cue sheet.

Lunch/Break – Destination in Wainfleet at the Two By Four Restaurant. 72004 Regional Road 27, Wainfleet, ON L0S 1V0, (905) 899-6339

Start Location – Start Location in Fonthill at Harold Black Park. Parking off Haist Street in the Park

Photos from June 25, 2019 ride 

Queen of the Selfies 2019
Farm silos 2019
Two by Four 2019

14 Cycle Ride – Rockway to 20 Valley Golf Club

Route – This route is all on-road and goes westerly from Rockway to the Twenty Valley Golf Club and back, for about 30km.  I have been to this destination with the Freewheelers and the restaurant is very welcoming. Here is the link to the route cue sheet. There is one hill of note near the Sawmill Golf Course.

Lunch/Break – The destination is at the Twenty Valley Golf Club in Lincoln, 3814 Yonge St, Vineland, ON L0R 2C0 , , (905) 562-5641

Start Location – Here is the start location on google maps at the Rockway Community Centre off Pelham Road in Lincoln.  There is lots of parking at this site.

Oct. 15, 2019 Ride – A great end of the season ride for 5 cyclists.  A cool weather start from Rockway Community Centre, but it warmed up with some comfort food at Twenty Valley Golf Club.  Two flats (first of the season) were experienced by the group leader.  Great teamwork got us all back to the start point.

20 Valley Golf Club 2019
Two Flats 2019


15 Cycle Ride – Queenston to NOTL Golf Club

 Route – In my quest to find off-road trails, here is another gem along the Niagara River, from Queenston (below the escarpment) to NOTL.  This time we get to experience a bit of the old town by going to the NOTL Golf Club, which has an outside patio facing Lake Ontario. The ride is mostly off-road, with some NOTL backstreets for about 22km return.  Route cue sheet here.

Lunch/Break – NOTL Golf Cub established in 1875, the oldest course in North America.

Start Location – We can start the ride at a parking lot on York Road, at the intersection of the Niagara Parkway, just below the Brock Monument at Queenston. The parking lot is located at the northwest corner of the intersection. Here is the location of the parking lot: Ride Start Location

16 Cycle Ride – Welland River and Back

Route – This is an on-road, flat ride from Fonthill south to the Welland River with a stop coming back in Fenwick or Ridgeway. Total distance is about 30km which can be viewed on the following route cue sheet.

Lunch/Break – Our break can be at the Broken Gavel in Fenwick (they open at 11:30am for lunch) or at Nature’s Corner Bakery and Café.  in Ridgeville by Effingham and Canboro Rd.  Broken Gavel 785 Canboro Rd, Fenwick, ON L0S 1C0, , (289) 897-9483.  Nature’s Corner Bakery and Café 302 Canboro Rd, Ridgeville, ON L0S 1M0, , (905) 892-0059.

Start Location – Harold Black Park in Fonthill, just off Haist St. south of the Welland Rd.  Parking in the park off Haist Street.

17 Cycle Ride – Gordon Harry Conservation Trail  

Route – Starting in Port Colborne at the Sugarloaf Marina we proceed on-road to Cement Street where we pick up this stone dust trail westerly to Burkett St. then we can return by going down to Lakeshore Road.   Total return distance is about 30km or add 6 more km if you extend the route to Hutchinson Rd. as shown on this cue sheet.

Lunch/Break – Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Port Colborne near the Sugarloaf Marina (3 Marina Dr, Port Colborne, ON L3K 6C6), or just to the west of Port Colborne is the Garden Houzz on Lakeshore Rd.

Start Location – Don Cherry’s Sports Grill in Port Colborne.

Ride on Sept. 10, 2019 – September this day gave us great weather and 10 cyclists ready to enjoy the adventure.  The Gordon Harry Trail gets narrow towards its west end (see below) but closer to Port Colborne it was nice and wide, with compacted stone dust. The lunch stop proved to be a very pleasant stop at a new restaurant along the Lakeshore Road (The Garden Houzz).

Gordon Harry Trail 2019
The Garden Houzz 2019


18 Cycle Ride – Waterfront Trail St. Catharines 

Route – On this ride we traverse an urban section of the Waterfront Trail with great views of Lake Ontario from Port Weller to Port Dalhousie in St. Catharines.  It goes in and out of local parks and roads, with some hills and the return trip is about 20 to 25km.  We can return via Lakeshore Rd., which has a paved shoulder all the way as shown on the route cue sheet.

Lunch/Break – In Port Dalhousie a number of our initial stop points have been removed due to new construction.  One place that looks good is on this google map location of the area is Rozie’s Breakfast Café which opens early, 25 Main Street, 905-938-0479.  Other possible spots are located along Lock Street.

Start Location – At the north end of Reed Street by Lake Ontario in St. Catharines, just at Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary where parking is available.

Tues. Aug. 20, 2019 Ride – Stew took over as ride leader and did a great job.  Some hills were noted this time round and is now mentioned in the description.  No pictures for this year but the 2017 photo below show a lakefront view and happy cyclists.

Photo from Sept. 6, 2017 Ride 





19 Cycle Ride – Waterfront Trail Hamilton/Burlington Baymouth Bar

Route – This route is located outside Niagara but provides an opportunity to experience one of the best off-road Trails in Ontario.  Starting at Confederation Park in Hamilton it proceeds north on the Waterfront Trail along Hamilton Harbour’s Baymouth Bar, on the Lake Ontario side.  At the Burlington end we traverse their downtown marine front in Spencer Creek Park where at the far end is an interesting memorial to Canada’s Navy.  Two other war memorials are also located along this ride, all of which are noted on the route cue sheet.  Total return distance is about 22km.

Lunch/Break – In Burlington near the marine park or along the Baymouth Bar for example Barangus at 380 Van Wagner Beach Rd. Hamilton, ON. L8E 3L8 ,(905) 544-7122

Start Location – Confederation Park B in Hamilton. Park and enter off of Grey’s Rd. (opposite house number 596).  Take the QEW west from Niagara, get off at Centennial Pkwy (Hwy. 20) and take the N. Service Rd. easterly to Drake Road, turn left, then left again to Grey’s Rd., then turn north, towards Lake Ontario to find the park’s entrance.

Sept. 24, 2019 Ride – Ten riders showed up for this first time ride from Hamilton to Burlington, with wonderful views of Lake Ontario and Hamilton/Burlington Harbour.  We enjoyed cycling on a very wide, mostly paved trail, with the views continuing from the Barangus restaurant patio. Three war memorials were visited as shown on the photos below.

American Navy Memorial War 1812
Canadian Navy Memorial
Skyway Bridge
Crossing Lift Bridge
Approaching Lift Bridge
Dieppe Memorial

20 Cycle Ride – Flat Rock Cellars to Twenty Valley Golf and Country Club  

Route – This ride takes us to the municipality of Lincoln. Starting at Flat
Rock Winery, just south of the town of Jordan we ride through the historic
hamlet of Tintern. We cross picturesque Twenty Mike Creek which flows
over Balls Falls further north, riding on quiet mostly flat country roads the
entire trip. After a break at Twenty Valley Golf and Country Club we return
to Flat Rock Cellars for an optional tour/tasting (tasting fee is $5.00). The
ride is approximately 25 km. A cue sheet with the route’s location can be
found here.

Lunch/Break – Our break is at the clubhouse of Twenty Valley Golf and
Country Club on Cherry Avenue in Vineland. The Golf course is built on the
site of the once busy Dean’s Mill which was heart of the settlement
between 1856-1911. Bikes can be parked on the deck which is to the right
of the clubhouse (south side of the building) behind the banquet room. The
break is at approximately 16.5 km.

Start locationFlat Rock Cellars on 7 th Avenue near Seventeenth St.,
Jordan. The winery requests that we park cars in the smaller lot to the left
which is at the end of the drive of the winery entrance.

Photos from Tues. Aug. 28, 2018 Ride – A challenging ride with the heat, humidity and wind, but 14 people attended with some staying to enjoy tasting at the winery.

Flatrock winery 2018
Flatrock winery 2018

21 Cycle Ride – Around the Town

Route – This ride is a great combination from former routes of on and off-road sections in Pelham for 30km.  The route and cue sheet can be found here.  One new feature will be a ride through Harold Bradshaw Park off Chantler, just to the west of Poth, while the Berkhout Trail is done from Fenwick’s Centennial Park to the far corner of Pelham at Murdoch Street. The ride was completed for the first time in Oct. 2018, on a beautiful, warm fall day and enjoyed by everyone.

Lunch/Break – Fenwick is the half way point, so for a large group the Fenwick Grill is one possibility while another one is the Broken Gravel.

Start Location – Harold Black Park in Fonthill, just off Haist St. south of the Welland Rd. Parking lot in the park off Haist Street.

Photo from the Oct. 9th ride, 2018 – At the end of the Berkhout Trail at Murdoch Street.

Around the Town 2018

22 Cycle Ride – Merritt Island

Route – This ride combines both on-road and off-road trail environments in Fonthill and Welland.  From Harold Black Park in Fonthill we make our way to the Welland Canal Trail, then cross over to Merritt Island Trail.  The return length is 23km, unless a further 5 km is needed on the Steve Bauer Trail to downtown Fonthill as shown on the cue sheet.

Lunch/Break – Two great stops are recommended for lunch or a break.  The Black Sheep Lounge and Coffee Bar in Welland just off the Welland Canal Trail, or My Place Restaurant in downtown Fonthill.

Start Location – Harold Black Park in Fonthill, just off Haist St. south of the Welland Rd. Parking in the park off Haist Street.