Outgoing Management Team, Sept 2019 – Thank you!!

Management Team

New Management Team Static


Swearing in of the 2019-2020 Management Team
Position Name
Past President Rick Gilbert *
President Brian McDonald *
Vice President Marianna Kreppi *
Secretary Bruce Knicley *
Assistant Secretary Anna Tackaberry
Treasurer Jim Westell *
Assistant Treasurer Peter Robinson *
Programme Chair  Don Minchin *
Programme Committee  Joy Kemp-Davidson and Kelley Hindrichs
Membership Chair  Dee Murphy *
Membership Committee Glenn Steel
Web Editor Michel Hindrichs *
Special Events Marian McDonald *
Assistants Special Events June Berndt, Linda Graham, Wendy Hammond, Lynda Olsson and Judy Westall
Sound Bob Close, Norm Galt and Rick Prins
A/V Dick O’Brian
Greeters Pat Gibson

* Denotes member of Management Team